Workshop 1 – NHS Success! Inspiring young people to consider a career in the NHS.

Workshop 2 – Widening Access to Work Experience.

Workshop 3 – School engagement across Health and Social Care – the why, the how and the who.

Workshop 4 – Ward support volunteers – a programme for young people.

Workshop 5 – ‘Alternatives to Medicine’ & ‘Bridging the Gap’ facilitating access for nursing and midwifery qualifications.

Workshop 6 – Outbreak! – A viral approach to Widening Participation.

Workshop 7 – The Teachers Patient Journey Toolkit.

Workshop 8 – I can’t do maths…yet! Exploring attitudes to numeracy in health.

Workshop 9 – Creating inclusive workplaces.

Workshop 10 – ThinkFuture – supporting employers to bring young people into the NHS workforce.