I can’t do maths…yet!

This organisation is working with HEE and NHS Trusts to place the spotlight on numeracy, particularly for adults.

Questions asked to the group:

How do you feel about maths?

How do your colleagues feel about maths?

Attitudes varied considerably in group with those having ‘maths anxiety’ to those enjoying maths (‘think it’s fun’), stemming from early experiences of maths in the classroom, some even remembered the names of unpleasant/unhelpful teachers.  One nurse student said numeracy was tested every year, causing considerable stress and anxiety with the pressure to pass with little help from the tutors.

The group used a tool (the essentials of numeracy for all – split into 5 groups: handling information/ shape, space and measures/operations and calculations/numbers and number system/being numerate ) to discuss how maths is used in many parts of everyday work and all roles.

Slides demonstrate background/research of ‘national numeracy for everyone for life’, culminating in the National Numeracy Challenge is an online interactive site (https://www.nnchallenge.org.uk/home/index.html) that helps you learn the maths needed for everyday life.


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Workshop 8 Business Lounge National Numeracy


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