Ward support volunteers.

The workshop challenged our preconceptions of hospice care and of death and dying.

This is a programme for 14-17 year olds from the local community volunteering for a six month period in the hospice. The programme challenged preconceptions around supporting end of life, and of young people volunteering in a difficult and challenging clinical environment.

The programme offers hands on experience for young people interested in a career in health. The hospice advertised the programme locally through schools (both private and comprehensive) . At the end of the programme participants had worked towards and achieve their Care Certificates, attended a meet the medics event, gained a certificate, attended an awards event and were given a reference.

The young people volunteered in a variety of ways:

  • Hand massage
  • Emptied catheter bags
  • Learned to make tea
  • Shadowed the drugs round
  • Restocked rooms and tidied
  • Answered call bells
  • Helped with patient meals and drinks
  • Watched a cornea harvest
  • Witnessed care after death and visiting the mortuary.

Overall the programme workshop was incredibly inspiring. It’s a fantastic example of challenging our preconceptions around young people volunteering. It challenged my ideas in terms of their resilience and motivation and of the roles they can undertake in a healthcare environment and wider contribution they can make and impact they can have on our patients.

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Workshop 4 Room 4 Ward support volunteers – a programme for young people

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